Monday, September 29, 2014

Why is it that every time I turn around it seems as if I’m running across the street from the Technology Center to the Main Bank to get a new DebitCard?  If I did not work for Texas Bank and Trust, I would be asking myself “Why can’t the bank keep my card information safe from the card breaches that we keep hearing about at places like Target and Home Depot”?  Is my account at Texas Bank and Trust safe?  First let me say that “Yes” your account information is safe.  Texas Bank and Trust’s systems were not compromised.  It was the systems of the large retailers previously mentioned. When you swipe your debit card to pay for a purchase, the swipe includes your debit card number, which is processed through the retailer’s system then sent through the card network to process from your account at Texas Bank and Trust.  What is a breach?  Simply put, a hacker gains entry into the large retailer’s systems to steal the transaction information which includes your debit card number.  To be certain that you do not have an active card with information that was compromised, we replace those cards to protect your account.  Although we have systems monitoring for fraud on your account(s), we must also rely on you to monitor your accounts and report any fraudulent activity.

My next question would be “What do I do if I encounter fraud?”  If you ever encounter debit card fraud on your account you can “cancel” or “hot card” your card through your mobile device, online banking or by calling our Bank Card department at 903-232-5555 between 8:30 am – 5:00 pm or 866-546-8273 after hours.  We will credit your account for the fraudulent transaction the same business day. You will need to stop by any branch location to sign a form stating that you have fraudulent activity on your account.  If that is not convenient for you, we can mail the form to you.   
You are probably thinking that nothing about this IS convenient.  If you are like me - my debit card is my lifeline.  We definitely understand that and can instantly issue a new card for you at any of our TBT branch locations.   You may be thinking “Maybe one part of that is convenient but what about all of my electronic drafts attached to my debit card that I have set up? Now you are changing my debit card number.”  Unfortunately, you will have to change those automatic payments, but I do have a suggestion- you can either utilize our bill pay service, myPay, through online banking to pay those bills, or you can simply use your account number and our bank routing number, 111923238, to have them directly draft your account.  Therefore, if a store where you regularly shop is part of another card compromise in the future you will not have to set up your drafts again.  

What do I mean by “if my card is part of another compromise again?”  Will this not end? Although we cannot protect other systems from compromise, your TBT account information is protected by our systems and we want you to know what tools we have to help you protect your card information.  If you want to know if a breach has occurred, watch our website for updates, ‘LIKE’ us on FACEBOOK, and be on the lookout for alert messages sent to your online banking.  If we miss you through all of those channels, we will contact you by phone or mail if our fraud detection systems detect suspicious activity on your account, or if we receive a notification of fraud on your account.
 Still concerned about the safety of your debit card?  You have control of your card at your fingertips through our mobile and online banking services.  You can suspend or cancel your VISA © checkcard through the mySettings’ “manage your card” link. You can also stop by any TBT branch and walk out with your new checkcard in minutes.

If you make your card your lifeline, take us with you on your mobile device, so that you can control and be aware of what is happening with your accounts at all times. 

By: Sheri Parish
       Senior Vice President and
       Assistant Manger of Technology